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  2. For new customers, You are required to make an initial payment of 50/= and above to till number 665892 and you will receive username/password then subscribe to the package you want.

  3. We refund money for any daily game that we lose. For more Information read "How it Works" below

Total Users
80,018 Target Reached
Total Daily Tips WON
5,001 Perfect Predictions
Winning Percentage
83 % Excellent
Total Jackpots Predicted
870 Success
How Trullent Works
  • To Register, Pay any amount as from 50/= To till no 665892. By paying You will have agreed to our terms and agreements
  • When you make a deposit, Your account is topped up with the same amount.
  • After you deposit, we sent you username and password. Username is your phone number(07XXXXXXXX) AND password is the last 4 Digits of your phone.
  • After Payment, You log in and purchase your required available package.
  • We usually give 10-multibets daily. Daily Multibets cost 50/= So each game costs only 5/=
  • We usually Refund every lost daily game, So If you loose 2 games in our multibet, we will refund 10/= to your account When the daily matches end. You can use the refund to purchase another days multibet
  • We do not refund Jackpot tips
  • You can not withdraw your balance from our account
How To Deposit
To Register, Pay any amount as from 50/= To till no 665892.

You Will get Username and Password to Log in

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